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Letter to the editor

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2023): FJOT 2023

Le Cadre collaboratif de la justice occupationnelle: un outil puissant en ergothérapie pour combattre les injustices occupationnelles et épistémiques

April 4, 2023


The Participatory Occupational Justice Framework: A Powerful Tool in Occupational Therapy for Addressing Occupational and Epistemic Injustices

This article describes the Participatory Occupational Justice Framework (POJF), i.e. its main constituent elements, its genesis and its epistemological foundations. Drawing on a critical multiple-case study to illustrate its potential use in occupational therapy, it also reports on two case histories of occupational therapists in Quebec-Canada who have used it, one in a clinical context with migrants, immigrants or refugees, and the other in a research context with occupational therapists working with elderly people in residential care. In so doing, this article introduces a French-speaking occupational therapy audience to this conceptual framework, which makes it possible to identify and combat the occupational and epistemic injustices experienced by many people and communities within various societies, through the implementation of highly collaborative processes with the individuals and communities concerned, as well as various local, societal or international partners. Some of POJF's strengths and limitations are also highlighted.